About Us

Vegas Traduções was born out of a desire to offer linguistic services with efficiency, agility and creativity, focused on the importance of clear and effective communication in the various sectors of society. The company has a specialized team of carefully selected and experienced translators to meet customers' expectations, providing high-level translation, editing, transcription and writing projects. Our top priority is to ensure overall consistency and linguistic accuracy whilst communicating in an innovative way, adapting our speech to a specific situation and audience. Due to the globalisation process, it is essential to have a highly qualified linguistic staff to provide coherent writing, accurate translation and professional editing.


Ability to develop linguistic tasks effectively and ensure high productivity.


Ability to deliver the requested services within the stipulated deadline, performing the requested tasks with maximum attention.


Ability to implement innovative linguistic solutions in projects we are entrusted to manage.

Our Services

  • Translation
  • Editing
  • Transcription


The search for converting one language into another has expanded around the globe. The translation process aims to bridge the communication gap by helping companies reach a broader audience. Our team is composed of qualified and specialized professionals with advanced language skills and expertise in technical fields:


Translation of materials that do not require the use of extremely technical jargon and texts written in simple language, including articles, advertising texts, letters, electronic messages, etc.


Translation of technical materials for a specific area. This service requires specialized expertise and in-depth research of terms. Such materials include academic, technical, legal, medical, IT and financial projects, etc.


Translation of audio content for subtitling and dubbing. For a high-quality result, linguists must focus on speakers’ intonation and expressions. These materials include films, documentaries, programs, videos, etc.


We edit the translated content upon project completion for fluency and accuracy purposes. The editing process offered by Vegas Traduções improves writing by pointing out inconsistencies, misuse of language, spelling mistakes, consistency of terms and general adjusts. This is the finishing touch we are happy to add before delivering a highly professional translation to our clients.


The transcription service involves speech recognition to create an accurate transcribed content.

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